IBA Senior Inter Association Championship Rules


Cup presented by Major Sir William Baird DL


1. This competition shall be open to the four Associations of clubs comprising the IBA and under no circumstances shall any player represent more than one Association in the competition in any one season. In addition to these Rules the IBA’s General Competition Rules apply.

2. Each competing Association shall be represented by a side of 5 rinks consisting entirely of members of its member clubs which are also members of the IBA. Should any side include an ineligible player, the defaulting side shall forfeit the relevant match(es) and any points won and the full points shall be awarded to the opponent(s).

3. Each side shall play every other side a game of 21 ends, though in exceptional circumstances and provided both sides agree before the game begins (or before an interrupted game resumes) fewer ends, subject to a minimum of 18, shall constitute a completed game.

4. The competition shall be played annually and shall be hosted on a rota basis as agreed by the Council.

5. Nine points shall be awarded in each game. The winning side shall be awarded 4 points, with 2 points to each side in a drawn game.In addition, each winning rink on each side shall be awarded 1 point, with 1/2 point to each rink in the event of a draw. At the end of the competition, the side with the greatest number of points shall be declared the winner. When two or more sides finish with an equal number of points the side with the highest shot average shall be declared the winner. The shot average shall be determined by dividing the aggregate number of shots scored by the side in the competition by the aggregate number of shots scored against that side.

6. The winning Association shall hold the cup for one year.



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