IBA Council Committees


(*The Office Bearers Ex-Officio)

Management Committee

President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Assistant Secretary,

D. Dempsey, D. Forsythe, C. Lynch, J. Murphy, D. McCloy, 
H. McFarland, J. Graham, D. McElroy

IBA Website

C. Campbell


D. Forsythe, D. Dempsey, J. Murphy, D. McElroy, R. Madden (Convenor)

Representatives to BIBC

Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer

Representative to WBL

Honorary Secretary

Representatives to Commonwealth Games Council

Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Members

C. Beck, D. Graham OBE, J. Humphreys, H. Montgomery,

W. Moreland, A. Murray, J.N. McQuay, B. Morton.

International Selection Committee

                                          C. Mulholland, R. Horner, A. Harrison, T. Cheevers, J. Smyth,

                                          S. Tyrrell, N. Booth (Team Manager), T. Smith (Asst. Team Manager)

Youth Liaison Committee

D. McElroy, M. Tait, S. Tyrrell, M. Crooks

Safeguarding Officer

C. Mulholland


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